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How to Make Your One Year Vision Your Reality

This is part 2 of 4 as we move into the last 4 weeks of 2020.  If you missed last week’s article, “Your 2021 Health & Fitness Plan” please read it here

Your One Year Vision

Most likely you participated in Northstar Fitness’s 14-Day Challenge, and have written out your One Year Vision.  If you did, how is it going?  Have you been keeping track of it?  Have you achieved any milestones yet? 

If you have, bravo!! If you haven’t, don’t worry. Over 90% of the people who have created their One Year Vision and have set goals, don’t review them at all.  Following this lack of focused action, they don’t reap the benefits of having a vision. 

In order to attain a goal that you haven’t been able to in the past, you will need a clear destination to move to. This destination will be your vision; a vision that is based 365 days in your future.

What I am sharing with you about Vision is thanks to Roger Hamilton, who continually inspires me to keep my promises to my One Year Vision or else:-)

Creating Your One Year Vision

The first 4 steps may take you an hour or less to complete. Don’t worry about crafting your vision perfectly. You can always come back to it and polish it up in the days ahead.  Step 5 reminds you to keep your vision in view every day, and Step 6 inspires you to share your vision with those who matter the most. 

Step 1 - Prepare

Take out one or more sheets of paper for your One Year Vision. Think of it as your first draft.  If you are artistic, add your artistic touch to it. Use colors if you are visual. You may be tempted to use your computer to create your vision.  I recommend you write it out by hand and if you want to know why, see what Rick Corbett Jr. has to say about it here.  It’s quite fascinating. 

Make sure to write your One Year Vision in a space that inspires you and where you can focus.  You will be moving your life forward 365 days into the future.

Step 2 - Imagine

Imagine you have achieved the things that would make the year a success. This doesn’t mean achieving all your life goals within a year! It means you have taken powerful steps that stretch you but don’t break you.

At Northstar Fitness we focus on health and fitness, but for this vision, I would like you to look at all areas of your life.  This is the “Holistic” part of what makes life healthy and fun.   

Deeply think about what you done in all these areas of your life that will fill you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Step 3 - Start Writing

Start by writing the date in a year’s time. Begin each new paragraph with the examples given below.  Add extra paragraphs for other important areas of your life that come to mind. Share your achievements and highlights of the year. Be as clear and as detailed you can, and share the story of how you got from where you are today to where you will be.  You are looking at the last year from the highest point of accomplishment. 

Start writing your One Year Vision from a feeling of immense gratitude, seeing who you have become and what you have been able to achieve.  Enjoy!!

Ideas to get you going

Today’s Date:

I am so grateful for the last year. In the last year I have…

My partners…

My health…

My family & friends…

My time…

My contribution…

My mentors…

My team…

My personal cash flow…

My assets…

My job / business…

My customers…

My passions & pastimes…

My next year…

Step 4 – Grade Each Section of Your One Year Vision

Looking at your first draft of your One Year Vision, how inspired do you feel about it on a scale of 1-10?  Go back and review each part of it and grade it.  If you scored less than a 10 out of 10, go back and work on each section until you feel that it is a true 10 out of a 10.

Step 5 – Put Your One Year Vision in Sight

Once your One Year Vision is complete, put it in a place that you can see it daily and review it often.  Keep it IN SIGHT & IN MIND. 

Step 6 – Share your One Year Vision

Share it with the people who are in your One Year Vision and see if they have any feedback for you.  If they are part of your team (this could be your life-partner, your family members or your colleagues), inspire them to create their One Year Vision and mentor and guide them so that they can live the life of their dreams.

Please share your One Year Vision with us at Northstar Fitness.  You can post it or even just a part of it here in the comments below or on our Northstar Fitness Facebook Page

Have a magnificent day!



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