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Your 2021 Health & Fitness Plan

2020 is coming to a close in 4 short weeks!!  How has it been? 

If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you participated in our 14-Day Challenge this year.  Since 2021 is just on the horizon, I want to inspire you to start thinking and taking action on your health & fitness in the year ahead.

Getting Clear

What is the most vital thing about your health & fitness that if you could change for the better, would improve your entire life the most?

This is what we call your One Priority in our 14-Day Challenge.  Is your One Priority the same as it was during the 14-Day Challenge?  If so, have you made progress on it?    

Please refocus on this again if you were in the 14-Day Challenge.  If not, take a few minutes to decide what it is.   This can become the main goal for you to achieve in regard to your health & fitness over the next year.  If you are very focused and take daily action on it, you might even surprise yourself with how quickly you can achieve it. 

Some Ideas to Help Get You Clear On Your One Priority

ILLNESS – If you have an illness that prevents you from living a healthy life, that could very well be your one thing.  If you can improve and even heal this illness, think about how much better your life will be.

ADDICTION – Addictions that directly and adversely affect our physical health and wellbeing such as addictions to smoking cigarettes, illegal drug use & alcohol consumption, could be the most important thing to conquer first on your health quest. 

 PAIN – If you have chronic pain, this affects everything in your life.  If you could improve it and perhaps heal it, imagine how much better you will feel.  There are natural approaches that can heal pain.  Personally, I had a lower back pain issue that I feared couldn’t be healed.  The pain was so intense I slept in a reclining chair for 10 months and couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes without stopping.  Honestly, it was sort of hellish situation for me at the time.  It took me over 2 years to heal it, but now it’s gone.  And my life is so much better now.  If chronic pain is an issue for you, this may be the best thing to focus on and improve first.

FAT-LOSS – In general, this is the one that most of our clients come to us to help them with.  If you know that you are overweight, I highly recommend you make this your One Priority.  Losing excess fat has so many health benefits, such as 1) Decreased risk of diabetes 2) Lower blood pressure  3) Improved cholesterol levels  4) Decreased risk of heart disease and certain cancers 5) Improved mobility  6) Decreased joint pain  7) Improved blood sugar levels  8) Decreased risk of stroke  9) Reduced back pain 10) Lower inflammation  11)  Better Sex drive…and the list goes on.  Fat-loss is very easy to measure and know 100% that we are making progress.  If fat is your biggest problem, make fat-loss your One Priority.

MUSCLE GAIN – This is the 2nd most popular goal of our clients.  To completely transform your body, look at 3-5 years of training at least twice a week and more ideally 3-4 times per week for between 45-60-minutes per session.  I am not saying this to scare you. I just want you to know what you can expect.  Most men can build 1-2 lbs (450g – 1kg) of muscle per month and most women can build 0.5 – 1lb (250g – 450g) of muscle per month.  And that’s using an excellent strength training routine and diet, ideal amount of sleep every night, proper recovery, and low stress. Although you can make noticeable changes in your physique in the first 3-months of training 2-4 times per week at 45-60 minutes per session, please look long-term if your #1 goal is building a sexy, muscular body.  Once you get the bug for strength training though, you will love every REP of the journey. 

PERFORMANCE – We work with a few clients whose main purpose for training and nutrition coaching is to improve their performance at work.  We work with business professionals, singers and actors who need the power and stamina that their work demands of them.  I personally have experienced an upgrade in my power, focus and stamina from increasing my health & fitness.  If higher performance is your main priority, this may be the best thing to focus on first.

 HEALTHIER HABITS – Some people are happy with their health and they just want to improve a habit or two over the next 6-months. This is straightforward and very easy to focus on.  For some people that may be drinking an ideal of water each day.  For others it may be getting really good sleep.  For some, it’s a simple daily habit of flossing their teeth. If this sounds like an approach that you feel would benefit you the most, please choose a habit that is most fitting. 

I hope I gave you enough examples here to get you focused in on your One Priority.  Now it’s time for the fun part!  Good luck!

What is Your One Priority?

What is that vital thing about your health & fitness that if you could change for the better, would improve your life the most? 

Write it down in one sentence.

That’s it for today.  If you have decided to discover your One Priority you are on the way. I highly recommend you start looking at ways you can make that happen over the next year. 

Over the next 3 weeks, I will help you put your One Priority into an action plan that you can keep yourself accountable to over the next year. 

If you need help, leave a comment below or post HERE in our Northstar Fitness Facebook group.