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The Ultimate Coach: The Most Life-Changing Book I Have Ever Read

Intuition leads the way for me in virtually every aspect of my life.  I feel lucky that I know when and what to do in most cases.  The more I trust it and heed its call, the more I feel that I am in alignment with my purpose.  

I remember opening and seeing the cover of “The Ultimate Coach” which is black with a huge exclamation point right down the middle.  It caught my eye.  Then I noticed that it was written by Amy Hardison, who I know as Steve Hardison’s wife. 

Steve and Amy appeared in my life around 2011 in a video I saw that rocked my world.  The name of the video is TBOLITNFL and I highly recommend that you watch it.  I watched that video, which is 2 hours and 10 minutes long, 3 times.  I fell in love with Steve Hardison by the way he spoke, by his actions, and by the love and honesty I felt coming through him. 

I bought the book on the spot.  These days I buy all of my books on Kindle, but it was clear to me that this book needed to be a paperback version because of the way Steve recommends that it be read.  It’s very unique in how he asks the reader to read the book. 

As I read the first part of the book I had a very profound connection to Steve’s inner world as a child. It was as if that part was written about me, as if Steve’s experience was the same as mine.  The more I read the book the more I realized why the TBOLITNFL video of Steve that I watched in 2011 shook me to the core.  I was reading the story through the eyes of a man who was “being” the ideal man that I have always thought I had the potential of “being”.  To love wholeheartedly, as in Christ-level Love, has always been my highest goal in life and I believe that Steve lives this.  

Reading “The Ultimate Coach” has moved me in such a way that has fundamentally changed my way of being.  The limiting, judgmental, stingy, and petty parts of me, which challenged me my entire life, have started to dissipate, which is truly liberating.  I have read tons of books on spirituality, religion, and self-development, and attended at least a dozen seminars to overcome these limiting parts of myself over the past 32 years, but nothing comes close to what has changed after reading this book and taking actions on what my inner voice says to do next.  

If what you read in this article moves you, please watch this video of Steve talking about the book.  Watch it with your full attention.  Be fully present with it and don’t multitask while you watch it.  If Steve’s “being” in this video moves your heart, buy the book and read it as he requests.

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