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The “How to Carnivore” Challenge

What is “How to Carnivore” 30-Day Carnivore Challenge?

It’s a 30-Day Carnivore Challenge that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with an adventurous heart.  If you are open to eating animal products and are interested to see how your body and mind can be optimized by eating only animal products for 30 or more days, this may be a wonderful experience for you.  Simon Lewis runs this challenge. He’s a great guy with a bright mind and a warm heart. 

60 Days on a Strict Carnivore Diet

I participated for 2 rounds – 60 days – in Simon’s How to Carnivore Challenge.  I experienced many amazing changes due to the support and care that Simon and his team have given me.  Although flexibility is allowed and encouraged on this challenge, I bit the bullet, committed to complete carnivory, and went strict carnivore, which is meat, water, and salt, only.  I even cut coffee, because meat makes us strong and beans make us weak : )

Contentment with the Carnivore Lifestyle

Here are positive things I noticed:

  • A simplified, intuitive approach to eating that doesn’t involve tracking.
  • Because I only ate beef, lamb, eggs, organ meats, salt and occasionally fish, pork and chicken, it made shopping and food prep simple.
  • I only needed to eat twice a day, usually, around 8:00am and 3:30pm. It’s a liberating feeling to not get hungry or even think about food for 7-8 hours.
  • Each meal takes about 10 minutes to prepare and about 20-30 minutes to eat.
  • My body fat went from about 11% to about 8% eating to satiety at each meal.
  • My brain functions much better. I have much more clarity.
  • I feel more positively aggressive than I did before. In other words, I am more confident and hesitate less.
  • I sleep about 30-60 minutes less than I did before joining the challenge.

Challenges with Adapting to the Carnivore Approach 

Here are difficulties I faced:

  • It was hard to gain weight on strict carnivore for me. Perhaps I needed more than 8 weeks for my body to acclimate.
  • I needed to take this enzyme supplement with each meal to help me digest fats. Prior to starting this challenge I was eating a very high carb – 400 grams – and low fat – 55 grams – diet.  It was a huge shift to go from a low-fat/high carb diet to a zero-carb/high fat diet (200+g of fat/day).
  • My energy was significantly lower than when I was on a higher carb diet.  I believe that this is due to not being able to digest fats effectively.
    • Many of the participants in the How To Carnivore Challenge said that their energy was amazing, so perhaps the difficulties I experienced are more rare than common.

My aim is to share my honest experience so you can decide if How to Carnivore Challenge is for you.

Here’s Simon’s website:

 This is an inspiring video clip of The Man Up Japan Podcast where I had Simon on as my guest.  rnivo

On Helping Others

Simon talks about being grateful that he can offer a service that helps people.  I love this.  When I get too much in my head about ‘getting things done’ and lose touch with my ability to help others, I feel pain.  Perhaps you never experience that, but if you do, you know it’s not fun.

I do my best to always keep the concept of “Helping” as my main motivation in life, because I feel that when the intention to help is in one’s heart, all the good things come along with it, such as happiness, fulfillment, wealth, and freedom, make life amazing. 

On Reaching Up For Help

Simon also mentions about reaching up to others when he is not able to help someone sufficiently on his own.  He has some wonderful coaches, MDs, mentors, and Elite Rugby players involved in How to Carnivore that he can reach up to for help and that give presentations with Q&As where participants can ask them questions directly. 

On Leading As We Learn

A final point that Simon mentions is that we only need to be one step ahead of others to help them.  This is especially true for coaches, personal trainers, and mentors; sometimes we forget that we don’t have to know-it-all to truly help people in our care. 

Simon is a kind, generous, and wise man with a wealth of knowledge about the carnivore diet and high-quality animal products.  He runs McKenzie’s meats in Sydney and Canberra, Australia.  He’s a good friend to have. 

If you are living in Japan and want to know more details about where to buy meat or ideas on eating out, etc, have a look at this article.   

If you have any questions, send me an email.  

Yours in Adventure,