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Strength Training is Easy

I strength train 5 days per week for 60-75 minutes per session. Recently, my wife asked me why I train so much.  I thought about it for a few seconds and shared with her that it’s a form of meditation for me.  Of course, I have very clear aesthetic and strength goals that are fun to pursue and attain.  But I think part of it is “alone time” where I don’t have to think much at all.  In many ways, it’s the easiest part of my day.

10 People 10 Colors

In Japanese, we say 十人十色 (juu nin tou iro), which literally meals 10 people 10 colors.  It can be translated as “To each their own”.  Basically, we all have different roles in life, different likes and dislikes, do different types of work and and hold different responsibilities. 

A big part of our work at Northstar Fitness is finding better ways to serve the people that trust us to help them get healthier and happier.  There are many approaches to making that happen, but I have yet to find a comprehensive manual that shows us exactly how to do so.  The same applies to most responsibilities in life from parenting to teaching or any other creative endeavor that requires a great deal of thought and care to produce an optimal result. 

How is Strength Training Easy?

If you have a program made by a professional trainer that you trust and who has customized your training to your conditions and needs, all you need to do is do it.  The manual is done and all you have to do is follow through.  It’s truly as simple as that. 

I am not trying to sell you any of our services.  However, I do want to sell you on the concept.  Many things in life are much harder than strength training.  They require you to think intently, to devote yourself to problem-solving, to take risks, to make big mistakes, to have set backs, and to be tried mentally and emotionally.   There are plenty of rewarding experiences that come from “just living life” and from growth-producing creative work.  Personally, I have not found any of them easier than strength training. 

Five Strength Training Approaches to Making Life More Fun

Here are several approaches to make training even easier. 

  1. Become a Gamer

Use strength training as a game.  Create transformative goals that are fun.  Track your progress and aim for a 1% or more increase in your strength game.  Use numbers (weight, sets, reps, etc.) to motivate yourself. Guys especially like this.  I have some ladies that love seeing personal bests at each training session as well. 

Set your diet up like a game and use a free software such as CRONOMETER to track not only macronutrients, but also micronutrients like iodine, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.  Track your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, the amount of water you drink each day and your dietary fiber.  Choose a few targets and nail them daily.  

  1. Train with a Partner

This can be with the love of your life, with a parent, child or just a great friend.  When two or more are gathered…Fun is at hand!  Push each other, cheer each other on, celebrate when your partner is kicking your butt. 

  1. Use Training Time as Learning Time

Turn on your favorite podcast, audio book or YouTube video and listen to some enlightening topics while you train! 

  1. Use Training Time to Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes

Thank God for the technology that lets us listen to any song or album we want to at any time.  Spotify has one great song that I can recommend.  It’s called REDSKIN DRIVER.  Boom!  A shameless plug!  I just couldn’t resist.  This song almost got us a Half-Time Show Performance for the NFL Team formerly known as the Washington Redskins in 2012.  I didn’t write the song for them, but the original title was Redskin Driver and we thought it would be an inspiring opportunity for all involved. 

Shameless plugs aside, put on what specifically moves you and enjoy the music and the motion. 

  1. Use Training Time to Get As Present As Possible

Mindfulness is a buzzword these days and it’s obvious why.  Most of us are quite distracted.  Training time can be used to get really quiet and just be with yourself, get quiet while getting jacked (in guy language) or toned (in lady language).    

Get a Great Manual and Make it Easy

I hope that something I shared with you today has been helpful to you.  There is a manual to strength training and nutrition that if followed consistently over time, will produce undeniable and transformative results. 

If real results are what you are after, get a great coach that will make you a customized manual.  Then use that manual and make it easy.