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Sprinting – An 80-Second Total Life Upgrade – In Action

A Quick Post about Sprinting in Action

I want to share with you a brief post on what a round of Sprinting 10 seconds up a hill looks like.  For those more interested in the nitty-gritty of this type of training, read this detailed post here about how and why I recommend this type of training.

Sprinting is Simple

I want to inspire you to give sprinting a go by showing you that it isn’t hard.  All you need is a pair of reliable running shoes, a good slope that is safe to run on and timer of some sort.

Here’s a 15-second video of one of the eight rounds.   The slope of the hill is steep, so you can see that generating speed is challenging. This keeps it intense yet safe on the joints.  When I first saw this video I was surprised how slow I am actually running. Inside my body, I feel that I am pushing as much speed, power, and energy as I can

Sprinting in the 6th Most Populated City in the World

Sprinting in Tokyo around 10:00 am can get busy!  I thought it was funny how many people were on MY so-called TRACK today – LOL.  It shows you that 13 million people living in central Tokyo can fill up even the steep side streets during normal waking hours.  I wonder if there are any good hills in Shanghai, a city of 24 million people.

It’s Yours For the Taking

Some people hear me talk about “Sprinting” and I can see them mentally shy away from attempting it.  As you can see from the video above, it’s really simple and you can choose the speed you sprint.  Start at about 60% of your max and each week edge it up by about 5-10%.  You will be at virtually 100% speed in a month or two.  The benefits are life-changing!

Thank you for reading.

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