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Knowing Your Enemy as a Divine Spark of Motivation

I had an a-ha moment while listening to an audiobook recommended by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The book is called Success is For You written by Dr. David R. Hawkins.  

The idea that I found transformative was to look at what we used to think of as an enemy or competitor as a pacer (something that pushes you to your maximum potential) and a source of inspiration.  Those people or situations are merely challenging us to challenge the depths of ourselves.  Therefore, the whole concept of “Againstness” can be relinquished completely.

This hit me like a ton of bricks.  My entire life before this moment had been an on-and-off struggle of “Againstness”.  In other words, I’ve been butting my head up against reality since childhood.  I wasn’t a big fan of rules.  When I was a child, I didn’t really want to go to school because I didn’t like the idea that I needed to study things that weren’t interesting to me.  As an adult, I didn’t like working for a corporation because I wasn’t able to find a level of freedom in it that was acceptable to me.  

What I found most transformative about what Dr. Hawkins shared is that I can see each person, who at one time was an enemy, rival, or turncoat as a person who was giving me a chance to polish myself.  What I saw as an attack or as an abandonment, I am now able to see as an abrasive rub; a good soul scouring that gives me the opportunity to improve my emotional maturity.  I realized that my biggest enemy has essentially been myself.  

I am using what I learned here as a study and as an experiment to radically transform my emotional maturity.  My definition of ‘radically transform’ means to achieve a 10X improvement; a quantum leap in development.  

I invite you to put this into practice.  Please take the time to bring up situations and people who you have considered enemies.  I suggest you do this with pen and paper.  Make a list of them in the order of the negative charge they bring up.  Common emotions linked to these are sadness, anger, hatred, jealousy, and pride.  

This is deep work, my friend.  The goal is achieved when you know that you could meet that person or situation with an open, accepting and emotionally neutral heart.  It’s a feeling as if you have forgotten all of the negativity that occurred. 

It reminds me of the phrase “Forgive and forget.”   I am fascinated by words and see (for) give and (for) get, as a natural law.  Freedom is for giving and for getting.  

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References:  ‘10X is easier than 2X’ by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy is a great book.  I have been a fan of Dr. David R. Hawkins for years.  Here is a link to the book Success is For You.

Loving you!  Powerful you!