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Powerful Pumpkin Porridge

Powerful Pumpkin Porridge

Why Pumpkin Porridge?

Pumpkin Porridge is a perfect food for fat-loss.  It’s high in volume at 450g (1lb), so it keeps you full for hours.  It’s high in protein and low in both carbs and fat, so the total calories are a mere 232 kcals.  It can be made and eaten fairly quickly, and if you like pumpkin, it’s a delight to eat! 

How to make it

First, the Powerful Pumpkin...

In Japan, “Top Valu” Pumpkin is my top pick for quick and easy frozen pumpkin.  You can get it at AEON chains, such as Peacock Supermarket and My Basket mini supermarkets.  Of course you can adjust the amount to your needs, but for me, about 400g is just right per meal.  I used the whole bag, which happened to be 412 grams. 

Pumpkin Chunks

Then the Powerful Protein...

I only use protein powder when I am aiming to hit my protein macros, but also trying to keep the fat as low as possible as in the case of dieting or when I know that I will splurge on energy-rich foods (high fats & carbs together).  I am using the simplest protein powder I know, which has two ingredients – 1) milk 2) sunflower lecithin.  I usually aim for about 150-160g of protein per day, so this is the perfect amount for 1 of 4 meals per day.  If you would like to know more about our take on whey protein powder, have a look here

When Isolate Protein

Other options for ingredients...

You can add a bit of milk to it for a smoother more liquid consistency.  If you need it to be sweeter, you can add a sweetener that floats your boat.  Since the dietary fat in the original version is a mere 1 gram, you could add some MCT oil to it to give it a richer taste.  I like to put nutmeg and cinnamon on it for that pumpkin pie flavor.  

Ways to Process it Powerfully

In this case, I used a food processor, as I like it extra thick, like a pudding or porridge.  If you don’t have a food processor, buy one!  Cuisinart Rocks!

All jokes aside, if you don’t have a food processor but have a blender, use that, but you will need to add some liquid to the mix to mix all the ingredients properly.   

Pumpkin in the food processor

The Powerful Macronutrient Lowdown

I think pumpkin is a miracle food when you want to cut the body fat, feel full and enjoy the food all at the same time. The app we use is Cronometer.  Prepared to be WOWed at the chemistry…

Powerful Pumpkin Porridge Macros

It may be hard to believe that the calories are so low for the volume of food along with the wholesome flavor.  Pumpkin is so good that it appears that even pumpkins can’t resist:)

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