Our 6-Week Holistic Health Kickstart

The purpose of this 6-Week Holistic Kickstart:

  1. Allows us to work with clients online where we offer a 100% customized holistic plan based on each client’s needs.
  2. Allows us to offer daily accountability through a membership format
  3. Allows us to educate clients on mindset, strategy, nutrition and fitness/training with practical, actionable and sustainable tasks at the perfect pace for each client.
  4. Allows us to help each client Kickstart their health by getting focused on One Priority that will take their health and fitness to the next level.
  5. Allows us to create a global community where people get healthier, fitter and happier the more they engage with the group.
  6. Allows us to keep our price low and our service high

The Intended Results

  1. That your level of clarity, confidence, and the effectiveness of your daily actions are in line with and on pace with attaining your One Year Vision.  
  2. That you know your weekly targets and attain each one of them.
  3. That your overall health and quality of life is undeniably upgraded.

The Top Three Benefits of our 6-Week Holistic Health Program

  1. You will have a 60-minute private coaching call with me once all of your data is collected over the first week where I will work with you and set your customized plan based on all the data you have submitted and the conversation we have during that coaching call.  
  2. You will have direct access to me and a community in a private Facebook Group.  I will be there, in the group to answer any of your specific questions within 24-hours.  
  3. I will host a live Q&A once or twice a week when requested so you can get coaching questions answered in real-time or can listen or watch the recording of it later. 

The Top Three Features

  1. I will keep you in “I Can!” mode.  We all have a part of us that tells us “You can’t do this.”  I have it and everyone that I work with has it.  I am here to be “The Can” when you think you can’t.  
  2. I will keep you 100% accountable to your One Priority.  Butt-kicking accountability keeps you to your commitments and guarantees results.  
  3. You always have a very reliable source to go to when you have a question.  This saves you time, frustration and the possibility of finding information that is detrimental to your health. 

We are in the process of building a membership site that will support clients who have completed the 6-Week Holistic Kickstart for continued support, education, accountability and community.  

The Price for 6 Weeks

$333 USD  

Payment Method

We accept payments via credit card.

If this 6-Week Holistic Kickstart and/or Membership offer is something that sounds interesting to you, please let us know by filling in the form below.   We can set up a 30 minute call to talk about the details.  Aloha!  Bodhi & Hitomi