Online Training + Transformational Coaching

What We Will Do Together 

1. We Will Work as a Powerful Team

You will attain undeniable, transformative results if you are open, follow my lead, and do the work we agree upon.  We decide your pace and your goals as a team, and adjust when necessary.  I commit to keeping you focused and accountable. 

2. We Will Create the Best Version of You 

Transformation is an “inside out” process, beginning with your mind/heart.  So that’s exactly where we start.   We increase your awareness around your actions so you are able to let go of destructive habits and then start creating the reality that aligns with what you want and deserve.  You will witness miracles. 

3. We Will Optimize Your Nutrition

Each client has different DNA, preferences, and needs.  I will customize your nutrition exactly for you.  It may require some trial and error, but you will save decades of trying to figure it out yourself by working with me. 

4. We Will Customize Your Training

Our training sessions focus on “Functional Training” which I have found to be the most holistic form of training for optimum long-term health.  We embrace other forms of training such as body-building, strength training, mobility work, and endurance.   However, we don’t see any of them, in themselves, as truly holistic.  Functional training improves mobility, power, strength, stability, balance, endurance and it’s fun.  Whether you opt for Semi-Private or Private Training, we customize your training to match your fitness level and address your specific requirements.

5. We Will Upgrade Your Lifestyle

We focus on lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep quality and quantity, activity level (the amount you are sitting, standing, and moving throughout the day), work/life balance, clarifying your priorities, and creating a schedule that supports your ideal life and then actualizing it by creating daily and weekly accountability until mastered.  

Agreements and Pricing

I only work with individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to their personal development. As a result, my training agreements have a minimum duration of six months. While transformative progress can occur rapidly, my experience has shown that even those fully dedicated to their growth typically require a minimum of six months to fully master their transformation.

Gold Agreement – $1,776 USD (¥277,000) 

    • 13 hours (13 rolling hours, this could be 30-minute or one-hour weekly sessions or one-hour sessions every other week)
    • This is a 3 to 6-month agreement

Platinum Agreement – $3,333 USD (¥477,000)

    • 26 hours (26 rolling hours, typically in one-hour sessions)  
    • This is a 6-month agreement

Focus Agreement – $300 USD (¥45,000)

    • 2 hours of limitless possibility

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable. If a single payment is challenging for you, I’m here to help. Please reach out to me via the “Start a Conversation” button below to discuss a flexible payment option. If you decide to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to maaaru or to NIPPON DONATION FOUNDATION.

Coaching is done one on one in my office in Sugamo or on Zoom.  

The schedule provided here indicates the times – Tokyo, Japan Time –  I am currently available for complimentary coaching sessions.  If you are living outside of Tokyo, and you book a session with me, the software will show you my availability in your local time.  

If you have any questions, please click the Start a Conversation button below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 60-minute Zoom coaching session with me. In this session, we will focus on three key areas: discussing your health and fitness goals, identifying any challenges you’re encountering, and co-creating strategies and solutions. Once you click the button, you will be prompted to complete a brief questionnaire. After submitting your responses, you will receive instructions on how to book your session.