Quantum Leap Mentoring

Before We Begin

This level of coaching requires immense commitment and will forever change who you are and what you do.   We will work at such a deep level that as you change on the inside, your entire outside world adjusts to who you are being from that place.   Things that you want to experience, but think are impossible for you now, become your everyday reality.  

This level of coaching is for you if you believe, or at least are open to believing, that:  

  • Miracles are real and can be created.
  • Your words “matter” – meaning that they materialize your experience.
  • When you give your word, your intention is that you will follow through 100%.
  • To truly love your self, your life and others, you must learn to deeply accept and love all aspects of yourself first.
  • You are open to looking deeply at these aspects, spending time being with them in the present, and learning to love every single one of them, even and especially the aspects of yourself that you despise and may think are unforgivable. 
  • Being the same person in the world as you are at your core is vital.
  • What creates your problems, and everything in your life are your thoughts. 
  • Action is the determining factor in creating a desired outcome.
  • Life doesn’t have to be “hard” or a constant “grind”.  It can be easy, graceful and purely enjoyable. 
  • You realize that it’s time to know and to step into your true nature – Who you truly are.  

If you are in agreement with, or at least open to, the points above, and are interested in working with me, click the button below to book a complimentary 60-minute Zoom coaching session.  My intention is to have a deep conversation with you that gives you great value.  I am excited to see how I can help you.     


I choose to work with individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to their personal development. As a result, my agreements have a minimum duration of six months. While transformative progress can occur rapidly, my experience has shown that even those fully dedicated to their growth typically require a minimum of six months to fully master their transformation.

Location: Mentoring is done either at my office in Sugamo, Tokyo, virtually or in a retreat setting in Hawaii.  

Time: Generally between 1-2 hour face to face or virtual mentoring per week, with daily accountability.  My clients become my family, so I am 100% committed to you at all times. 

Price range: $5,000 – $10,000 USD for a 6-month commitment.  This program is bespoke and tailor-made and the price will depend on the level of your needs.  

Compensation: 50% deposit before we commence our work.  This deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is paid in monthly installments. 

The schedule provided here indicates the times – Tokyo, Japan Time –  I am currently available for complimentary coaching sessions.  If you are living outside of Tokyo, and you book a session with me, the software will show you my availability in your local time.  

If you have any questions, please click the Start a Conversation button below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 60-minute Zoom coaching session with me. In this session, we will focus on three key areas: discussing your health and fitness goals, identifying any challenges you’re encountering, and co-creating strategies and solutions. Once you click the button, you will be prompted to complete a brief questionnaire. After submitting your responses, you will receive instructions on how to book your session.