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Making Your Life a Constant Celebration

Celebrating Others Online

Social media makes celebrating others virtually effortless.  You can just jump on to any flavor of social media you like, find someone or something you like and send them love and praise via hearts, thumbs, sparkles, giggles, wows, memes, and GIFs.  You can even leave some words that you want to express to them.  It’s pretty amazing!  

Celebrating Others Face to Face 

My work is about celebrating others and helping them celebrate themselves.  I do my best to celebrate everyone that I get the chance to be with each day. It’s so important to me that it is part of a review I do every morning and every night to keep it fresh in my mind.  It starts with my beloved wife, Hitomi.  I celebrate her from morning to night, so it’s like “Kool and the Gang” is playing on loop all day at the Kenyons.  

I work with clients and always ask about exciting news, highlights in their week, or challenges that they are facing.  It’s not a common question in Japan, so most of my Japanese clients will say something like, “Not much” or “Nothing special.”  I do my best to pull some good memories of the week out of them and get them to share.  

Both of my parents showed me how to have fun with people (aka strangers) and spread some joy.  I carry on the Kenyon tradition of having fun with people around town by saying “Hi” or complimenting who they are or something about them that I find intriguing, which sometimes ends up in a fun conversation and sometimes is met with dead silence.  I roll with it : )   

Seeing Opportunities to Celebrate Others 

In our daily life we have heaps of chances to connect with and celebrate people, such as cashiers at stores and gas stations, baristas, restaurant servers, customer service people, and  just people you meet going about your day.  We literally have thousands of chances to 🎵Celebrate good times, come on!🎵

An Invitation to Constant Celebration 

I invite you to first celebrate yourself and then others every single day.  Once you get good at that, start celebrating something every single hour.  Once that’s mastered, perhaps your entire life will be a full-on celebration. 

True enlightenment is your soul’s celebration, a dance of wisdom in the light of understanding.

An Invitation to Celebrating You

If what I have shared here speaks to you and you’re interested in deeper conversation about transforming your mind, body, and entire life, please join me for a complimentary 60-minute Zoom conversation.  Click THIS link and follow the directions inside. 

Celebrating You,