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Luxurious Dining – Park Hyatt Tokyo-New York Grill

Once a Month Luxurious Dining

Instead of going out to ordinary restaurants several times per month, we have decided to go to one extraordinary place once a month.  As our influence, service, and income grow, we will be enjoying luxurious dining more and more.   We chose The Park Hyatt New York Grill, in Shinjuku for lunch last month and this month, as we know it delivers a whole lot of happiness.

Extraordinary Service and View

The Service at the New York Grill is Top-Notch.  They take such good care of us and give us first-class treatment from the moment the elevator door opens on the 54 Floor until we pay our check.  The General Manager, Tobias Schreiner is such a heart-centered guy.  He’s very sincere and I’m always happy to see him.  Our total experience at the New York Grill is generally about three hours of pure enjoyment and relaxation.

Hitomi’s Favorite Bread and Butter in Tokyo

Last month, we went to the Park Hyatt New York Grill and Hitomi was beside herself with the bread and especially the BUTTER.  She went on and on for a few weeks about how good that butter was.  Here is what that bread and butter looks like up close from the eyes of the Bread Predator Hitomi.  She isn’t normally a Bread & Butter-tarian unless she is somewhere fancy like this.  She gives Joel Robuchon the #2 spot for his boldly buttery CWAAAAAAZON (aka croissant)!  Seriously, If you like croissants, give Joel Robuchon’s specialty bakery a try – it’s a 2-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

Omnivory vs. Carnivory

The New York Grill offers several choices, such as steak, fish, pork, and a vegetarian curry as the main course and an amazing buffet filled with salubrious salads, delectable meat dishes, and tantalizing cheeses.  Hitomi satisfied her omnivorous side and I enjoyed my carnivory completely.

I ate the steak but didn’t touch the mashed potatoes, asparagus or garlic.  No, no, no!

I did eat more fish and meat…

Which I found on the bountiful buffet.

A Big Breakthrough in Overcoming Gluttony

Gorging has been an issue for me since childhood when faced with a buffet. My gluttonous side has always won in the battle of wills between smart and stupid.  I would eat, without fail, until I was painfully full. Today was different.  I ate consciously and truly enjoyed each and every bite.  It was truly a breakthrough for me and I accredit that to the carnivore diet, as it is the only diet where I feel I have conscious control over the amount of food I eat.

The Best Dessert Bar in Tokyo

I told my star client, Peter Von Gomm, that we were going to The New York Grill and he said, “Good luck with the dessert bar, Mr. Meat.”  The “Mr. Meat” was his jest at my new carnivore diet.  I told him that I thought I could resist the temptation for high-quality sweets but couldn’t guarantee it, as I had failed miserably in the past.  Well, I didn’t have a single bite of anything but fish and meat today, keeping my title as Mr. Meat.

I overcame the hells and have arrived at my heavenly table, overlooking the 2020 Olympic Stadium with my dessert – I call it “Piscivore’s Delight”.

Sanctifying Our Date Day

Tuesdays for us is always a date day.  We spend 6 days a week working together morning to night, so Tuesday is our day to enjoy downtime together.  Today is obviously our luxurious lunch date day.  Sometimes we go to Ueno Park.  Sometimes we go shopping at Costco.  Sometimes we go to the beach and sometimes we just lay around and chill all day.

Partnership is Highly Recommended

It’s so good to have a partner to connect with and share with.  I was alone for 14 years, so I know the other side of not having a partner – being a lone wolf.  It can be really good to have your own time and space, but finding a partner that is truly a team player, is a game-changer.  Everything about my life is better with HItomi, period.  Life is so much more full and enjoyable with her presence.  If you don’t have a partner and want one, make it a priority to make it happen.  Plan how you are going to make it happen.  Don’t leave it up to chance.  Life with a partner you love and who loves you back is very rewarding and fun.  Yes, there may be fights and issues that arise and each of those fights and issues can make the bond deeper, richer and more loving.    Growth is there for us if we consciously choose it.

Thank you for joining us today.  I hope you found some goodness in what I have shared.

By all means, if you are in Tokyo, go to the Park Hyatt New York Grill for Lunch or Dinner.  If you like nice drinks, amazing live Jazz music and a gorgeous nighttime view of Tokyo, go to the New York Bar, which is also on the 54th Floor of the Park Hyatt.

Enjoy the Luxuries of life, my friend.

Be Extraordinary!