Free 14-Day Health & Fitness Challenge To Upgrade Your Life

The goal of this challenge is to improve your Clarity, Wisdom and Confidence around Health & Fitness in under 20-minutes a day.  

We focus on principles of Mindset, Nutrition & Training and give you one, actionable task to complete each day. 

Each daily session, which can be done at your own pace, looks like this:

  • You watch a video or you can read the text version of the video (10 min)
  • You put what you learned into practice by completing the task of the day (10 min)

The schedule of the challenge looks like this:

There are 2 ways to participate:

  1. Via an exclusive Facebook Group.  In this group, you will be supported by your coach, Bodhi.  The requirement for participating in this group is that you submit your tasks each day in the comments below each session.  
  2. Via email.  You will receive an email with the session contents for that day however you will not have coaching support. 

How to Join

We plan on starting the 2nd Round of this Challenge in January 2021.  Participation is free. 

If you choose the Private Facebook Group, you will have daily support from your coach, Bodhi Kenyon.  You will be required to participate each day in the group by posting your task. 

To join our 14-Day Challenge, click the button below.

We hope to run this challenge again in January 2021. We will accept up to 50 participants, so if this interests you, grab your spot now and we will keep you posted via email.

We hope to see you on the inside!


Bodhi & Hitomi

photo by Naoko Sakuragi

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