Our 1st Meeting (Trial Session)

At our first meeting, we will discuss your goals for your highest vision of health, fitness, mindset and lifestyle you have for yourself. Then we will discuss ways for you to attain those results. I will answer any questions you may have.  We will also do a training session, after the above discussion, so please make 60-minutes for our trial session.

Enrollment benefits on the day of the trial session

Clients who join on the day of the trial session will receive discount benefits.

  1. Administrative fee(¥1,100)→¥0
  2. Membership fee(¥22,000)→¥0

※You need to fill out a contract and apply 10,000 yen. (The deposit will be used for the session fee.)

1st Training Session & benefits

Train so that you attain your extraordinary goals!!  Then we’ll discuss details about scheduling, training start and finish times, about our VIP online community, our VIP online library of health, training and lifestyle content.


We are on the journey together to achieve your goals and in order for you to achieve them, I am here to keep you accountable to them.  Before each training session, we will check in with your progress.  You can set up even more accountability through our VIP Private Facebook community.

Course Adjustments

As you move forward, day by day, week by week, we may find places to adjust your course in order for you to attain the best results.  This will require your honesty and commitment to the plan.

Extraordinary Results

Following the plan, with weekly accountability and necessary course corrections and commitment, you will be able to achieve extraordinary results, which will result in further happiness and health, which are two vital pieces to an extraordinary life.