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EMOM Training: God’s Gift to Busy People

100 reps EMOM training is an amazing approach to health optimization where you can achieve the following in 10 short minutes.

  • A great strength workout that focuses on hypertrophy.  For men that means gaining muscle size.  For ladies, that means toning:)
  • Since rest is short and there is a significant amount of volume, you’ll get valuable cardio vascular benefits.
  • It can be done with body weight exercises so you don’t absolutely need equipment.  Of course, it can be done with weights as well as you will see in the video demonstration.
  • Even with only a 10-minute session, once per day, you can experience the rewards of progress.

What is EMOM Training?

EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute.  Basically, at the top of every minute, you do a set of training.  In our case, we are aiming to complete 10 sets of 10 reps, so every time the bell rings, when using a timer, or the second hand of the clock hits 60, when using an analog clock, you do the next set.  

Since we are aiming for 10 reps per set, you will probably have between 35-40 seconds of rest between sets.  


Swim Clock - EMOM

What Exercises Are Best for EMOM Training?

You can choose either loaded exercises or bodyweight exercises. 

Since you are aiming to perform 100 reps in 10 minutes, you will need to regress the exercise to about 30-40% of what you can normally do for 1 rep.  If you don’t know what you can normally do, just err on the side of ‘really easy’ or ‘really light’ if you are using weights for the first set.  It will get harder as you get close to 100.  

Loaded exercises require a load such as a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell or the like.  For shoulders, you could choose Dumbbell Overhead Press.  For lower body you could choose a Kettlebell Deadlift.  If you are into barbell lifts, you could do a Barbell Bench Press.  

Bodyweight exercises such as a Leg Raise, is a good option for core work.  For the upper body you could choose a Push Up.  For lower body you could do ATG Squats.  Elevating the heels helps correct most people’s form.  If you are not confident of your form, send me a video and I’ll check it for you.  


How About Warmups?

It’s always a good idea to warm up before training.  Pick a weight or a level that is approximately half of your actual training weight or level during that session.  

For example, I am deadlifting 50kg as my main EMOM set.  I’ll warm up with 25kg for 10-20 reps.  I may even do 40kg for 10 reps as a second warm-up set.  

Say you are doing push-ups on your sofa as your main set.  Find a level that is nearly double the height of your sofa and do 10 or more sets there to warm up. 

If you would like to know more details about warming up, please read our warming up protocol here.   

When Should You Do EMOM Training?

If you are a busy bee, train whenever you can.  I like to do one set in the AM and one set in the PM about three days per week.  Here’s a simple idea of the way I do it.  

Here’s a simple example of EMOM three days per week: 

Even if you did it only once per week and incrementally aimed to do better each week, you would see significant strength progress in 6-12 months.  

If you are a beginner, I would rest 48-hours between working the same muscles, so that you are able to recover.  

A Demonstration of EMOM Training

Here is a demonstration of 100 Reps in 10 minutes using Barbell Deadlift as the exercise.  

I am using an app called Bit Timer, which I like because it’s simple and very effective.  It’s not free.  If you want to use another app, all you need are 3 settings to make this work: 1) Work 2) Rest and 3) Sets.  Work is set to 0:55, Rest is set to 0:05 and there are 10 sets.  

EMOM Training for Complete Beginners

If you are a complete beginner, find an exercise that you can do 10 reps for 3 sets on the minute (EMOM) with excellent form.  If you struggle at the end of each set you are not ready to add sets.  

Once you can do 10 reps for 3 rounds with excellent form, you are ready to progress.  On the next training session where you perform the same exercise, add one set, making it 4 sets total. If you complete all 40 reps with great form, you will progress by adding one set to the next training session of the same exercise.  Incrementally increase sets in this fashion and you will give your body enough time to acclimate to the high volume of 100 rep training.

This training can cause some major soreness, so start slowly and gradually work your way up over time.  A sliver of improvement each session compounds over time. Be patient and wise.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. 

If you would like any help transforming your health, book a complimentary 60-minute Zoom call with me here.  I may be able to save you years of effort in one conversation.  

Yours in EMOM Training,