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Embracing Life’s Transformative Invitations: A Journey of Phases

Have you ever paused to reflect on the significant turning points in your life and wondered how they came to be? Recently, I had the privilege of spending five days at a mind-altering business seminar in Bali, Indonesia, where I engaged with over 100 people from diverse backgrounds. The experience was nothing short of amazing, and it led me to a profound realization: many of the most transformative experiences in my life, especially those after the age of 18, were the result of an invitation. Each of these invitations marked a new chapter in my personal and professional development, leading to a redefined sense of self.

As I delved into deep conversations with fellow attendees at the seminar, it became clear that invitations had been instrumental in shaping my life journey. Reflecting on my career, I identified five distinct phases, each lasting approximately 7 to 8 years, and in each phase, an invitation played a pivotal role.

Phase 1 (Ages 18-25): The Hospitality World

My journey began as a waiter and bartender in the restaurant industry. It was my brother, Jim, who extended the first life-altering invitation. He introduced me to the manager of a bar in Shinsaibashi, Japan called “The Pig & Whistle.” This opportunity marked the commencement of this career phase and instigated my growth in the hospitality sector.

Phase 2 (Ages 25-32): Teaching English in San Diego and Tokyo

From age 25 to 32, I worked as an English teacher while pursuing my college degree. It all started in San Diego, where I immersed myself in the local Japanese community. Through the power of organic connections and shared interests, I received an invitation to teach the children of families who had recently moved to Japan due to their father’s work. With a love for Japanese culture, some proficiency in the language, and my native English-speaking abilities, it was a perfect match. I moved to Tokyo at 31 and continued teaching English to adults.

Phase 3 (Ages 32-40): Edutainment and Corporate Managerial Experience

In the third phase, I transitioned into the role of a musical performer and manager of performers at a prominent corporation in Japan, which specialized in educating children through entertainment, known as edutainment. This chapter was opened to me by a recruiter who recognized my potential for the job. It was an exciting and transformative experience that spanned eight years.  Between the ages of 40 and 44, I pursued a career as a singer-songwriter, serving as a transition between Phase 3 and Phase 4.

Phase 4 (Ages 44-52): Personal Training and Business Ownership

The fourth phase began when serendipity played its part. During a flight from Tokyo to Washington DC, I crossed paths with a woman who ran a cheerleading school in Tokyo. She inquired if I were a personal trainer, to which I initially responded in the negative. However, upon her request to train her and her team, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity. This led to the establishment of my personal training business, and over the course of eight years, it gained remarkable momentum.

The Current Phase (Starting from August 26, 2022): Transformational Coaching

This journey brings us to the present day, November 9, 2023, where my professional path is in a phase of overlap with my previous one, or perhaps, it’s more fitting to say “underlap.” The current phase was inaugurated by a chance meeting with a gentleman at an Entrepreneur Event in Tokyo on August 26, 2022. Our encounter led to a remarkable invitation. This gentleman invited me to help him achieve significant health improvements through online coaching. The results of our collaboration have been nothing short of transformative, often moving us to tears. This experience with him led to him referring me to others in his network, propelling me into the role of a transformational coach.

To clarify, I continue to derive immense satisfaction from training my personal training clients who are truly dear to me. Moving forward, all new clients who engage in my services will work with me either online or, if they choose to train in person, they will commit to at least two training sessions per week and weekly 30-minute transformational coaching sessions as true transformation requires rock-solid commitment.  

In closing, as you reflect on my journey of life in phases shaped by invitations, I invite you to explore your own path. Take a moment to contemplate the pivotal moments in your life, the transitions from one chapter to the next. Have you ever been extended an invitation that significantly altered your course, introduced you to new identities, and pushed you to grow in unexpected ways?

Consider the power of invitations in your own life story. How did they shape your journey? What invitations are on the horizon, waiting for you to embrace and usher in the next phase? These invitations, whether personal or professional, often carry the keys to your personal growth, learning, and transformative experiences.

Please be open to embracing the power of invitations, and let them guide you through the beautiful tapestry of your own life’s phases.  

If what you read here speaks to you, please join me for a 60-minute complimentary Zoom call.  I’m inviting you.  And my promise to you is that I will not try to sell you my coaching.  My aim is to co-create a greater version of you to help you transform your life.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 60-minutes when one is ready.  Here’s the link.  

Yours in transformation,