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Creating Miracles in Your Daily Life: Be Still and Know…

Encounter with “The Ultimate Coach” by Amy Hardison

I am reading a life-changing book called “The Ultimate Coach.”  It’s the story of Steve Hardison, an enigmatic coach who is known in the coaching world as The Ultimate Coach.   I haven’t met Steve personally yet, but have been connected with him on Facebook since about 2011, feel a very deep connection with him and will meet him in the near future. 

Inspirational Reading and Personal Growth

Recently clear ideas are coming to me daily; perhaps they are nudges from reality.   Last week I woke up and got a nudge to read a book called “Bumpers” by Nic Peterson to help a potential coaching client with an issue.  It was spot-on helpful.    

“The Ultimate Coach” came into my space as soon as I finished “Bumpers”, so I immediately bought a hard copy of it, intuitively knowing that the Kindle version wouldn’t deliver the same impact.  

Steve suggests that you read “The Ultimate Coach” as a book about YOU with a constant intention of expanding your state of being. 

The Power of Personal Declarations

Steve’s approach involves creating what he calls “The Document” with his coaching clients – a collection of declarations that manifest the highest, noblest essence of who they are.  Many of the statements begin with “I am…”

A Moment of Clarity and Unity

After my meals, I take a 10-minute walk for metabolic health, a practice I’ve detailed in my article ‘”How Can 4,000 Steps be Better for Your Health than 10,000?”

Today, during my walk, I remembered one of Steve’s declarations from his personal Document, derived from the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

“Be still and know that I AM God.”  

As I was walking, there was a large group heading my way on a narrow sidewalk.  I knew that there was nothing to fear, but there was a part of me that was anxious about this group walking towards me.  At that moment the words, “Be still and know that I AM God” just sort of started repeating themselves in my mind as a mantra.  And there was a stillness that came over me.  I smiled at the group passing me on the narrow sidewalk and they just kind of looked at me and kept chatting amongst themselves.  

As I continued walking, I reflected on the meaning of this profound message.  I felt that I was affirming to myself and to all around me that I am divine, we are divine, and that all is divine.  IT was so powerful!  I felt a profound sense of unity and a deep connection with everything and everyone around me.  

The Creation of an Undeniable Miracle

Repeating “Be still and know that I AM God” and being in the space that was created by repeating it, led me to a miraculous moment at the front door of my apartment building. 

As I swung opened the outer door, the inner door simultaneously opened, revealing a woman.  I swept back in a gentlemanly fashion, nodding and gesturing for her to pass through, as I was silently repeating, “Be still and know that I AM God.”  

She passed through the door with grace and ease.  The miracle in this is that since I have known her, she has never come within 5 feet of me, ever.  In fact, she clearly runs the opposite way if she sees me coming, which used to really surprise me.  Her usual attire is all black, and she tends to look down while walking. 

I believe she was able to pass by me at that time because of the “Stillness” that I created within myself that allowed her to feel at ease in that moment.  

At my core, I believe in miracles, the divine, the unity of all things, and the immense power of words.  This experience affirmed and reinforced all of these core beliefs.   

Invitation to Share Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?  Have you experienced any miracles today?  If not, are you open to having miracles show up in your life?  Do you have any prayers, mantras, or “I am statements” that empower you? I would love to hear from you.  

Yours in Transformation,