I have been working as a professional trainer since September 2014 and have helped more than 350 people reach their health, fitness, physical fitness and lifestyle goals. I have trained athletes, entertainers, actors, fashion models, professional dancers, musicians, professional cheerleaders from the US and Japan, businessmen, doctors, nurses, elderly clients, housewives and children. My training is based on about 9,000 sessions and the experience gained from helping over 350 people.

In early 2023, I expanded my coaching role to focus on more than just physical fitness and health. I started guiding clients through broader personal challenges, helping them overcome deep-seated, harmful habits. This shift in my approach led clients to recognize me as a Transformational Coach, appreciating the significant, positive changes I helped them achieve. The success stories and referrals from these clients have enabled me to assist even more people in meaningful ways. This experience has deepened my commitment to Transformational Coaching, leveraging my decade-long experience in fitness and health to support clients with a variety of needs.

I am a native English speaker with a strong background in Japanese, having majored in Japanese Studies at university. Additionally, my fluency in Japanese is strengthened by over 25 years of living in Japan.  I am confident in my ability to guide my clients to the best versions of themselves in English or Japanese. 

Bodhi Kenyon

CEO ・ Transformational Coach


My Qualification as a Training and Nutrition Specialist

In order to provide the highest level of service, I keep abreast of the most cutting-edge information and scientific research and apply it to my coaching. 

I have a qualification from Precision Nutrition (below).  

I have had qualifications from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) for many years and feel that qualifications such as these are helpful to being a good coach.  I stress the word helpful. The reasons for not continuing to decorate my wall or website with these kinds of certifications is because I don’t believe they provide value equal to the time and finances they require to attain them.  I believe that consistent self-study, direct experience with clients and intuitive coaching based on knowledge and experience create a great coach, so that is how I approach my profession. 

I have studied with great mentors such as Jeff Alberts from 3DMJ, Menno Henselmans, Keegan Smith and Ben Patrick from ATG.  I have studied the works of Mike Boyle and Mike Robertson and many others.  

I have experimented with many nutritional approaches ranging from 100% rawfood vegan approaches to 100% carnivore approaches and just about everything in between.  I have done 10-day fasts as well.  I have a great deal of experience in paleo, low-carb, zero carb and intermittent-fasting approaches.  I also have had great success helping clients reach their aesthetic goals whether they be fat-loss or muscle gain as you can see from our client testimonials.  In summary, I have many tools in my toolkit so that I am able to successfully help clients with different goals and preferences.    

Here are some highlights of my life

Competitive Swimming

1989 – Eighth Place – Michigan State High-School Championships – 100-yd Breaststroke. 1998 – State Champion – Southern California Masters State Championship – 50-yd & 100-yd Breaststroke.

Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Contest

Here as one of the Top Five Finalists at the 2015 Best Body Japan Tokyo Contest, I took fifth Place.


La Jolla Shores & Black’s Beach in San Diego used to be my favorite surf spots. I enjoyed surfing on the islands of Hawaii, Maui and Kauai, Oahu and Fujisawa, Japan.

Musical Performer

Between 2003-2011 I had the wonderful experience of touring Japan nationwide as a musical performer in a musical for children for an amazing company called World Family.

Baseball Player

At the age of nine, I was chosen for the league All-Star Team as a catcher. This is the first time where talent went to my head and I was under the impression that I was really cool. The uniform and hat of that team made me feel like a rock star. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me smirking in that uniform:)

Professional Musician/Singer-Songwriter

I have loved singing since I can remember. I loved oldies music as a kid. When I was 20, my eldest brother, Jim, died and from that time on I was suddenly able to write lyrics and compose original songs. In the past 5 years, I have been active as a vocalist for TV commercials, video games, as well as getting invited to work with and perform with top-level professional musicians and actors in Japan.


It was a great experience to be selected as a baseball catcher for the 2014 movie “Asahi in Vancouver”. It was set in the 1930s in Vancouver, so it was fun to experience history on set and work with so many amazing people.

My Adorable Wife

What can I say : ) When you love your wife with all your heart, life is absolutely amazing every day!