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A Skilled Hawk Hides Its Talons: Celebrating Hideki The Hawk

How I Met Hideki the Hawk

Holistic Health is a topic dear to my heart and a huge part of my profession.  I was reading about the benefits of using a sauna for longevity and decided to find a sauna that I could use about 4 times per week.  

I found a fitness facility about 7 minutes from our home that has a sauna.  When I signed up, a very friendly man named Hideki Miyata helped me sign up.  I shared a bit about myself and he noticed that where I live is owned by Nori Takezawa, who is my friend and landlord.  He said that he has known Nori and his family for decades.  I was happy that he was open and shared that with me.  

Hideki’s Warm Customer Service

I had met Hideki many times as I used the sauna and he was always smiling and making sure that I was enjoying my time there.  After a couple of months, I decided that the sauna wasn’t something that I wanted to continue.  So I decided to cancel my membership and wanted to make sure I did so through Miyata san, so I could thank him personally.  

Humble Hideki’s Awesomeness

When I told him that I would be canceling my membership, he looked a bit sad.  He asked me some things about my life and my business and generously listened to what I shared with him.  I asked him, “What’s most exciting in your life?”  He kind of hesitated for a second and then said, “I won at an Olympic Lifting meet.”  I thought, “That’s pretty amazing!”   

So I asked Hideki more about the meet, “Was it a local meet?”  He replied, “No, it was in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture.  It was the “All-Japan Olympic Lifting Championships.”  


I said, “Wait a minute…are you #1 in Japan!?”  He said, “Yes at my age division, I won.”  Internally I felt a strong build-up of celebratory energy, which came out something like: “OMG, Hideki-san, you are amazing”  I asked him to show me a photo or a video of his performance, and he did.  

The more I asked, the more he told me and I found out that he has the Competition Record in the Snatch at 80kg.  The final results are below with a green box around Miyata Hideki 宮田秀樹.

Celebrating His Wife

Then he bragged about his wife, which impressed me even further.  He said that his wife also won at her weight and age and showed me a video of her lifting 40kg in the Snatch.   

I thought, “What a guy!” He is very humble about himself and only answered when asked, but in regard to his wife, he was very complimentary.   宮田陽子 Miyata Yoko’s results are in the green box below. 


Unlimited Chances to Celebrate

Please celebrate Hideki the Hawk by commenting below, sending him a message HERE, or just giving him love in any form you find suits your style.  

Please start every day by celebrating your life and all of your blessings. I have previously written an article on this HERE.   

If you keep reminding yourself to celebrate, your ego will eventually get out of the way and you will feel more joy and excitement in your life.   Please start with YOU, then your family, and then let it pour out into the people you meet throughout your day.  

An Invitation to Celebrating You

If what I have shared here speaks to you and you’re interested in a deeper conversation about transforming your mind, body, and entire life, please join me for a complimentary 60-minute Zoom conversation.  Click THIS link and follow the directions inside. 

Celebrating you,