Highly recommended 90-Day Transformation packages

I work with you 2-4 times per week, where we get laser-focused on your goals.  I customize a detailed plan to get you from where you are today to the transformed you 90-days later.  We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages to suit your needs.   Please have a look and contact me to book a complimentary call to discuss the details.


Regular fee¥437,800(tax included)
¥ 398,000 90-Day
  • 26 Sessions w/Bodhi
  • Basic Contents


Regular fee¥580,800(tax included)
¥ 498,000 90-Day
  • 39 Sessions w/Bodhi
  • Basic Contents


Regular fee¥723,800(tax included)
¥ 598,000 90-Day
  • 52 Sessions w/Bodhi
  • Basic Contents
  • Basic contents ¥151,800

    Real time Online Coaching 13 times, Mobility-Stability Assessments 4 times, Photos & Measurements 4 times, Success Meeting & Daily Email & Text Support (response within 24 hours)

  • Additional a private session w/Bodhi ¥11,000